A filemanager

A filemanager is — as the name suggests — a program to manage your files. It includes a zip-component and a ftp-component. Almost all standard Explorer-features are included. Because A filemanager uses Mike Lischke’s Virtual Controls, the program is very fast.

The Zip- and Unzip-dll’s are no longer needed in version 4.4.3. This version will not work with the old dll’s; you should delete them.

A filemanager (with Unrar dll and viewer)
Latest update: 11-05-2005

A filemanager demo with source code and zip dll’s (for Delphi programmers only)
You need the VirtualTrees components from Mike Lischke to work with this demo. You’ll find these components on Mike's VT page. This demo can be used with VT versions 3.1.3 - 4.0.17. The demo also works with Delphi 7. Latest update: 3-1-2003.

A file manager 3.x is no longer supported.
Een Filemanager versie 3.x wordt niet langer ondersteund.
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